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About That French Place

Brian and Emily love to cook. While neither Brian nor Emily are French, they both have an unquenchable thirst for travel and believe that the only way to truly experience a culture is through their food and wine. Having traveled around France a number of times both together and apart they have both developed a passion for French food. French cooking, especially in the South is about taking basic ingredients and elevating them, through technique, into something magical. Brian and Emily try to bring that to every dish they prepare. Whether it be authentic traditional Breton Crepes, classic Breton and French pastries and baked goods, or their soups and dinners that draw inspiration from all their travels, not just France. Nothing brings them more joy than to share their passions with others. Stay tuned, coming Fall 2018 That French Place will be presenting That French Tour. They will be taking very small groups on culinary tours to France with a side of history. Details on that will be coming soon. 

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